Website Promotion

If you have made your site for doing online business then marketing of your site is very important as your site will be the source through which you will be able to generate business.

Many site owners give there time and money to there site when it is designed and once its launched they do not want to do any thing and they just sit and wait for the money and customer to come to their site.
If you want that your site should get bulk of customers everyday then you need to do promotion for it. Nobody will come to your site if you will not propagate for it. So you need to mention about the site you have launched and also recommend it to your existing customers and also provide link to them so that they can easily view your site.

So if you want that your site should be noticed by each and every person and every person should visit your site then you can follow some given proven methods that are used for marketing :

Traditional Marketing:

If you prefer traditional marketing then you can give promos in magazine, yellow pages, PR articles, newspapers, door drop leaflets, in business cards, in front of store, company and on all those places where you find that it will work. There are some more places which you think are good places to promote your site’s URL. Then surely distribute the brochure of your site’s address and also explain about your business in it.

Search Engines (SEO method):

If you want to promote your site and that too on internet then the best way to tell about your site is to get top rankings in search engines and it can be attained through methods known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) also sometime termed as Website Promotion. Eg – If your site sells Umbrella then with the help of SEO you can get top positions for related keywords like cheap umbrella, buy umbrella, online umbrella store etc and once you achieve those top positions then you can’t image the flow of traffic on your website.

But this is not easy task and it takes many months of adding the fresh content and getting links from other different related sites and enhancing the effectiveness of your content for keywords so as to get high listing.

Internet Directories:

If you want some other way then you can put your site’s address on the directory as directories are the collections of many website addresses that are introduced by various site owners. But remember that many directories charge some monthly fee for including your site’s address on their website. The best directory is DMOZ where every site owner wants to put the address of his site as it charges you nothing for including the address of your web site and this directory help in providing better search engine rankings as search engines trust human edited directory like DMOZ. But to get listed in DMOZ you have to wait for at least 4-5 months and sometime even a year or more. One another such human edited free directory is Free Add Url. Paid directories includes Yahoo Directory which charges you US$299.00 non-refundable, recurring annual fee.

Development of Links:

The most effective way to promote your site is Link Building as through this way other sites will link your site ultimately increasing your link popularity which is a very important factor to increase your search engine rankings. If you need links then the easy way is email to site owner asking him to give you a link. But as there are no free lunches in this world so in return the other webmaster will also ask you to link back to his website.

If you are the member of any local business group then do not forget to give or include your web address on the other person’s site. Through this link not only you will get the users who are visiting your site but you will also be able to improve your site’s ranking through the process of search engine optimization as search engines counts very link to your site as vote to your importance. If you are linked from important and reputed websites than the importance of that one link is more than many links from smaller sites.


If you are searching some other way to promote your site then you can participate in the discussion forums in the area in which you have ample of knowledge. Many forums allow you to include your site link into signature therefore every post you make on forum contains a link toi your site. This way you can tell your site’s address to other people free of cost. If you are web designer then you can register for free and start posting at Web Design Forum.

Submitting Articles:

Another way to keep your site in notice is giving your articles and then giving URL of your site in the author’s biography which usually comes at the end of article. You just need to write the essay on the topic you have proper knowledge and there are thousands of site that allow you to submit your article for free and they will also give you resource section so that you can include your companies name and sites name with a link. If you cannot write article of your own or if a you are a busy person than you can hire content writers at

Pay Per Click:

If you want that your site should get flooded with users then you can attain this thing in short span of time with the help of Pay Per Click. The best Pay per click system is Google Adwords second comes Overture. When any person will search for keywords in search engines like Google then you will get the list of the sponsored links on the right side column. The owners of the site do not pay anything unless any person clicks the link provided in their site.

Ads on Banner:

You can also apply the most popular method by putting banners ads on sites of which you are sure that your future or prospective clients will visit. The banner ads that you will give to other websites can be in form of GIF, JPG or may be in animated flash form so that they should become more attractive and memorable and pursuing people to click on them.

The cost is calculated according to cost per click (CPC), however the most common method is cost per thousand impressions (CPM) ie the number of times people see your advert.
So just use these methods into application and your site should get bulk of visitors turning into $$ customers.